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What we do

Everything you'd expect from a  dry cleaner:

  • Business attire: suits, shirts, trousers, dresses and skirts
  • Casual attire: jackets, slacks, shirts, tops, dresses and skirts
  • Formal wear: evening gowns, dresses and suits
  • Wedding and bridal dresses
  • Camillas, silks, jumpsuits, play suits
  • Bedding: quilts, doonas, covers, bedspreads, blankets, etc.
  • Soft furnishings: cushion and chair covers, sofa covers
  • Repairs and alterations
  • Press–only
  • Laundry (min 5 kg)

Same day service

Even on Saturdays!

Forgot to get your suit cleaned before the big day, and now it's the weekend and you're in a panic?

Give us a call or drop in and ask for same–day service. It's available up to 2pm on weekdays and 10am on Saturdays.


Eclogical Friendliness

Are we doing our bit for the planet?

Stafford Dry Cleaner is committed to ensuring that the detrimental effects of our business on the environment are minimised through:

  • Efficient use of power: our electricity consumption is about 1/3 of that for similar sized dry cleaner. We achieve that through the use of modern, high efficiency equipment and energy efficient processing. We also maximise natural ventilation so that forced air extraction and cooling is not required for most of the year.
  • Low water consumption: while cleaning thousands of items for our hundreds of customers, our daily water consumption is about the same as a 2 person unit. Water is used for laundry, wet cleaning and in our boiler to make steam for cleaning, pressing and finishing garments. Our laundry and wet cleaning equipment is very water efficient while delivering excelling cleaning performance.
  • Eco–friendly waste: all chemicals used in our cleaning processes and our liquid waste from wet cleaning and laundry are fully biodegradable to the extent that it can be released directly into the sewerage system with no harmful effects. Waste from dry cleaning machines is processed through an accredited disposal company.

Wedding dresses

Yes, we do wedding dresses

When someone phones and asks "How much to clean a wedding dress?", the answer will always be "We have to see the dress to quote". So if you want to shop around for prices, best to find a few dry cleaners you want to visit, then set aside some time to visit them personally with the dress so that they can give you a firm quote. It will help to phone ahead so that they can make sure their wedding dress specialist is available when you visit, otherwise you may be asked to leave the dress until they have time to prepare the quote.

Doing a quote shouldn't take longer than 10 to 20 minutes, the cost depends on a number of criteria such as:

  • How many layers the dress has and their type of material
  • The size and number of beads, sequins, pearls, etc. embroidered or glued onto the dress
  • The length and type of train, if there is one
  • How soiled it is and the type of marks

Things like red dust or mud can be particularly tricky as they contain minerals that dye the dress—ochre has been used by many cultures for millennia because it's a pretty persistent dye. That hasn't changed! Most food and wine stains can be removed by spotting, however the delicate nature of most dresses means lots of manual labour to remove them. It's not a matter of just tossing it in a machine and magic happens! Dry cleaners would love to have such a contraption, but they just don't exist.

The last piece of advice is that the cost of the dress is not an indicator of the cost of cleaning. Cleaning takes time, effort and skill, as does subsequent finishing and presentation. Those factors are affected by the design, materials and quality of the dress, not how much you paid.


Convenient Location

We're in the Rode Rd Shopping Centre, on the corner  of Rode and Appleby Roads with parking at the door.

On–site Garment Care

We aren't a "dry shop" that sends everything out to a factory, we clean your garments and soft furnishings on site. So the people you talk to in the shop are the very same people who clean and press your garments.

Same day service, 6 days per week

Because all work is done on–site, we can offer a same day service*, 6 days per week for most standard items. Of course some items can't be cleaned in a day, but we'll do our very best where we can.

Same–day service must be requested when dropping items off as not all items can be cleaned in a day and there are time limits.

* For items dropped off before:

  • 2:00 pm Monday to Friday, and
  • 10:00 am on Saturday

Some items can't be cleaned in a day, e.g. wedding dresses, doonas and other items that need specialty cleaning or drying techniques.


Better yet, see us in person!

Drop into the shop, right next to Coles, with easy access from both Rode and Appleby Roads.

Stafford Dry Cleaner

Shop 4b, 734 Rode Rd, Stafford Heights, QLD 4053, AU

(07) 3350 6156


Open today

7:30 am – 5:30 pm

We are closed on Monday 7 October for the Queen's Birthday holiday.

Drop us a line!


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